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Viagra Professional Online: Best Solution for Men’s Problems

Modern users have long had time to note positive qualities that have Viagra Professional. This drug is a complete analog of the famous blue pill. Viagra Professional is distinguished by presence of sildenafil citrate in its composition. The agent can be effectively used by men who suffer from disorders of reproductive system. The drug can effectively solve problems associated with impotence. Also, Viagra Professional allows you to easily regain confidence in your abilities.

Drug Heparin: Variation in Commercial Heparin

 laboratory studyHeparin was developed as a drug for clinical use 50 years ago by research groups in Toronto and Stockholm, headed respectively by Professors Charles H. Best and Erik Jorpes. Since then, the drug has been used for millions of patients and has been the subject of intensive clinical and laboratory study. There has been no question of the clinical effectiveness of this remarkable drug, but the results of studies on how the drug acts have often disappointed investigators. Undoubtedly, this is related to investigators’ assumptions which were found to be invalid by the original research teams. These teams recognized the chemical complexity of heparin and realized that the property of preventing blood from clotting in a test-tube was insufficient to explain clinical effectiveness.

Male Erectile Dysfunction in Women’s Eyes

If a man observes erectile dysfunction, then there is often discord in relationships: he does not want to talk about his problem, and she, on the contrary, attacks her lover with a huge number of questions immediately after failed sexual intercourse. A man is even more shrinks into himself, partners first stop talking about this problem, then they are silent about everyday things. As a result, this behavior can lead to disruption of relations. In order to prevent negative consequences, it is worthwhile for both partners to work on solving the problem.

How do Alcohol, Smoking and Lack of Sleep Affect Potency?

Almost everyone knows about dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs, sleepless nights. Only few people can give up bad habits, while others lead their habitual way of life, not realizing that it worsens health, leads to infertility, impaired reproductive function, chronic diseases.

In this article, we will talk about how smoking, alcohol, drugs, nightlife affect potency of men.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Male Potency and Diabetes

Many people, having learnt about their diabetes, are afraid that this will end their sex life, as they believe that there is a direct link between impotence and diabetes. However, this is not quite true. The fact of diabetes itself does not affect potency, but health condition at diabetes does, as well as how you control blood glucose and so on.

How a man differs from an animal? With the fact that people are educable, able to analyze the situation, make conclusions and change their behavior. However, sometimes some people are not much different from animals, because instead of objective judgment, «If something does not work, you need to change something and try something else», they take this view: «If something does not work, it means I won’t do anything at all», and give up in despair. As famous Munchausen said: «There are no desperate situations!»

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

In this long introduction Canadian Health&Care Mall wants to convince you, dear men, that not always everything is lost and you need to find a way out and not give up. In addition, very often there is psychological fear of the so-called set-up-to-fail syndrome, which can be overcome with the help of specialist. By the way, diabetes has almost no effect on testosterone level, if there is no other pathology, reducing it. Therefore, men with diabetes always have a potential corresponding to their age. So what’s the problem?

Impotence Causes at Patients with Diabetes

Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists claim that impotence causes at diabetes lie in the following:

  • small genitals vessels lesion (microangiopathy), which makes full erection difficult, even if libido is maintained;
  • atherosclerotic lesion of larger arteries of lower extremities and pelvis;
  • reduction of genitals and perineum sensitivity (neuropathy);
  • hormonal imbalance in brain, responsible for orgasm, especially pronounced at frequent hypoglycemia;
  • psychological reasons (neurosis, depression);
  • some medications that can impair potency.

Although risks of impotence, or scientifically – erectile dysfunction, at diabetes are high, Canadian Health and Care Mall experts say, that many men may remain quite potent, also now there are such methods of treatment that restore even severe forms of sexual dysfunction.

Any erectile dysfunction treatment starts with causes determination. As soon as you notice first erectile dysfunction symptoms, it is necessary to find out whether there is purely psychological reasons or, simply put, a man himself made up and «attracts» negative situation, a doctor will ask whether there are spontaneous erections in the morning. And if they appear every morning, erectile dysfunction causes are most likely psychological.

When diabetes is only diagnosed, it is usually not a serious vascular disease or it is reversible. When changing lifestyle and normalizing sugar sexuality goes again in a healthy direction. Therefore, the very first recommendation to such a man would be to normalize blood sugar on an empty stomach and after meal. When there are already serious pathologies with impaired blood supply to large and small blood vessels, it can not do without drugs or surgery.

The same thing is with neuropathy, when blood sugar is normal, signs of sensitivity disorders at early diabetes stages disappear. If neuropathy lasts for many years, then thioctic acid drugs and B group vitamins will help to improve sensitivity.

It is necessary to avoid severe hypoglycemia occurring with coma development since such states seriously violate complex biochemical processes and hormonal balance in brain and spinal cord, which may subsequently affects ejaculation process, making it difficult or even impossible.

How does alcohol influence potency? Let’s Find it Out with Canadian Health&Care Mall

How does alcohol influence potency? Let’s Find it Out with Canadian Health&Care Mall

thinking2Alcohol is taken by mankind for centuries. And during that time, people, of course, studied the properties of this substance. Very often certain people experienced health problems after consuming beverages containing alcohol. Mostly negative consequences manifested after high doses of alcohol. Nowadays, alcohol is a necessary participant of any kind of celebration. This drink helps relieve stress, tension. Most people are interested whether the alcohol and potency are compatible, as there are many articles that talk about the negative consequences on the “virility”. But, at the same time, other sources say that a small portion is useful and can excite a sexual desire. Today Canadian Health&Care Mall will try to consider all the arguments “for” and “against” on the topic.

The action of ethanol on the brain parts violates sex hormone production

Alcoholic products contain a certain percentage of ethanol in their composition. And it always has unpredictable effect on potency. After drinking alcohol the body is experiencing a stimulating effect. But then it disappears. As a result of ethyl influence on some parts of the brain, production of the sex hormone testosterone is disrupted, but it’s necessary for sexual arousal. Also, there is an infringement of semen and sperm formation. Alcohol disrupts the reproductive glands that entails premature ejaculation. Regular consumption of large doses of “strong” drinks has detrimental effect on the functioning of the prostate gland: it inflames and, as a result, potency decreases.

The effects of alcohol on potency depends on the amount of consumed alcohol beveragesglass of wine

Daily consumption of 100 ml. of vodka is capable to reduce the sexual abilities by 30. The effects of alcohol on potency depends on the amount of alcohol consumed beverages. If you drink large quantities on a regular basis, you may provoke changes in the psychological level, and there are tentative movements of the body in space. The organism is oversaturated with alcohol and potency is steadily reducing. Such men suffer from frequent mood swings, they are nervous, irritated, dislike the opposite sex, and they are no loner interested in sex.

Regular alcohol consumption changes the appearance of the genitals

Under the influence of alcohol there happen negative changes in the male reproductive system. Spermatozoids change their structure and become inactive. This is a direct cause of the onset of infertility. Potency completely disappears with time. The patient thinks only about the next dosage of alcohol.

Alcohol can affect the potency positively, if used in small doses

In this case, testosterone enters the blood for a short period of time. This is enough to relax mentally. Here there is an increase in sexual desire, a man feels a certain looseness.

In the 1980s, the researcher Patricia Bush proved: the greater the degree of intoxication is, the less the chances of a good sex are, and generally – sexual activity will be significantly lower. A small portion of alcohol-containing beverages increases the sexual for some time, and a person can express his thoughts easier. With each subsequent drop of alcohol, it becomes more difficult to tune into sexual intercourse, foreplay requires more and more time or is not felt at all. In case of chronic alcoholism libido is completely absent and a man has no thoughts about sex, the reproductive function is impaired.

Beer and potency

beerAccording to statistics, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. Almost any male company can not deal with issues of global significance without this beverage. Beer has been known since the days of ancient Egypt, the Sumerians used it, and also the peoples of medieval Europe. Moreover, they consumed this beverage not only for pleasure, but also for the treatment of certain diseases – such as toothache. In our time there is a sharp question: “What is the influence of beer on potency?”. the world is divided into two camps. The camp of beer followers speak about the positive impact on the “virility”, and the camp of the opponents have a reverse idea . The first and the second ones are categorical in their opinion – the first ones consume beer regularly, while the latter refused it completely.

We have to find out how the beer exactly affects the potency and whether a compromise between supporters and opponents of beer is possible. The modern rythme of life demands a complete mutual output in achieving success, so men do not always have time to maintain their health, we propose to buy the popular Viagra pills to maintain the potency on the prestigious level. Medications Viagra and Levitra help men not only to regain the “male power”, but also to save them in time. You may find these drugs (Viagra, Viagra Professional and etc.) in the Canadian Health & Care Mall – online pharmacy- at affordable price.

What components does beer contain?

The beer, especially dark one – a source of phytoestrogens. These extracts are similar to the female sex hormones in their chemical composition. If a man regularly consumes large amounts of beer (about 1.5 liters daily), his body receives “foreign” female hormones. This leads to changes at the genetic level. As a result, the body is not only oversaturated with phytoestrogens, but begins to produce them.

Testosterone (male sex hormone) is inhibited by phytoestrogen, and the level of sex drive steadily but gradually decreases. This is a negative influence of beer on potency. In addition, phytoestrogen results in a change of men’s appearance. Very often, beer drinkers get so-called “beer belly”, which is derived from fat. By the way, fat is stored in the breast: the breast increases in size and resemble the woman’s. In some cases, men may even raise the tone of voice and expand the pelvis. Scientists have conducted experiments on farm animals, the latter were fed with phytoestrogen-containing plants. Experiments have shown that the animals become infertile. One can only guess what kind of damage in this case is applied to the human body.

Can beer raise the potency?

beer3However, beer and potency can be quite compatible. The main problem lies in the fact that now there is a lot of low-quality beer. This beer leads to adverse consequences for the organism. If the beer is brewed from natural ingredients and does not contain “any chemistry”, and if you consume it in the normal amount, the injury will not happen. Quality beer contains hops, which is a repository of a large number of vitamins, minerals, essential oils. One liter of quality beer per day supplies the body with a 20% rate of vitamin B2 and 32% of vitamin B6. Contained in the drink calcium and magnesium reduce the likelihood of stones formation in the gallbladder and kidneys. Keep in mind that beer, even a high-quality, increases appetite due to starch compounds. Thus there is a danger of obesity, which can ultimately lead to the development of diabetes.

The negative influence of beer on potency

Speaking about the use of high quality beer, it is recommended to consume no more than 1 liter per day, 2-3 times a week. In this case, there will be no negative impact on potency. Special danger lurks in adolescent addiction to beer, which is several times increases the chances of erectile dysfunction at an early age (19-20 years). This happens due to the fact that the body in this age have not yet adapted to alcohol. Therefore, it is not recommended for teenagers to drink beer, even in small amounts . So we can say that the influence of beer on potency can be both negative and positive: everything depends on the quality of the drink, the amount and the consumer’s culture. Everything is up to you!

Canadian Health&Care Mall Explores Influence of Smoking on Potency

Christopher Columbus, who brough a wondrous herb – tobacco to the Old World, could not even imagine what a “favor” he has made to the health of million (if not billion) people. According to statistics, every 6 seconds one person in the world dies from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes. It has a negative impact on many systems and organs. Including male sexual system. Experienced smokers may restore the potency ordering Cialis from online pharmacy Canadian Health & Care Mall.

Smoking and potency are connected by one chain, which “pulls potency on the bottom” and deprives a person of enjoying the sexual function and fertility.

How smoking affects the potency?

smoking man
Very often people ask: “How exactly does smoking affect the potency?”, as people have been long debated over this topic. Some people indicate reducing of “male power” as a result of smoking cigarettes, while others assert that “they smoke more than a dozen years and everything is OK in bed.” What can we offer as a proof for both categories – smokers and non-smokers? So, 25-30 years ago, scientists believed that the causes of impotence (insufficient erection for sexual intercourse) were all sorts of mental factors. However, as it turned out, only 15% of cases of potency disorders were associated with mental health reasons, other cases could not be explained. Then, with the development of other methods of investigation, it became clear that the potency suffers from a variety of physiological disorders to a greater extent, especially disorders of the functioning of the cardiovascular system. And then doctors paid attention to smoking and found that it is leads to a decrease in potency.

It has been scientifically proved that nicotine contained in cigarettes reduces the erection. Scientists conducted the experiments in two groups and got the following results: people who smoked 3 cigarettes within 30 minutes, experienced weakening of erection, erection of nonsmokers did not decrease. This confirmed the fact that the effect of smoking on potency is negative, it leads to a decrease in sexual desire, sooner or later. The main danger of smoking is, as already mentioned, the effects of nicotine, which constricts blood vessels. The mechanism of erection is a high-quality blood flow, and if it is insufficient, the erectile tissues of the penis will not be filled with blood and an erection will not occur.

Smoking and the reproductive function

smokeWith the help of scientific research, it was shown that the negative effect of smoking on potency is not immediate and depends on the “smoking experience” of men. On average, 53% of men aged 45-50 years old had disrupted arterial blood flow, and this is the main cause of erectile dysfunction and, therefore, potency. the confirmation of this fact is the same study, which showed that about 30% of the male population of the United States at the average age are impotent. Harmful substances containing in cigarettes get into the genitals through the blood fall. Prolonged smoking leads to a decrease in sperm count, motility and destroying of their structure. In most cases, men who are screened for infertility, are advised to quit smoking. Effects of nicotine on the body is adverse – nicotine constricts blood vessels. This substance not only reduces potency, but also causes atherosclerosis. This disease, which leads to blockage of blood vessels is the cause of heart attacks, and in this case we should in fact talk about the life danger. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide (popularly known as carbon monoxide), which impairs oxygen supply of organs. The result is fatigue and headache.

The majority of male smokers claim that they have been smoking for several years, and never experienced sex problems. What can we say? Most diseases creep up unnoticed and not immediately. Significant changes in the body of the smoker appear after 5-6 years. In addition, a person can not always compare his health status with the one that was a few years ago, when a man has not yet been smoking.

Potency after quitting

It has been proved that the potency was increased after people gave up smoking, not immediately, of course, but gradually and steadily. Significant changes in the level of potency appear after 6 months. In addition, it should be noted that smoking cessation significantly reduces the risk of developing lung cancer. In this case, you should also wait for some time for changes in the lungs. Smoking affects not only smokers themselves, but also the people around them who inhale tobacco smoke. This is so-called passive smoking. Most often, it affects children – they have a “runny” nose, ears inflammation and sinuses. So may be it is worth taking care of children’s health?

We can conclude that smoking and potency are two incompatible things, a cigarette sooner or later leadto a weakening or complete absense of potency. The overwhelming majority of people want to quit smoking, but unfortunately not all can fiight this addiction. And people know what a harm smoking makes, including harm to potency. Well, the important thing is to realize real harm of cigarettes in time, when there is time to correct mistakes. After all, potency and health of the loved one are probably more important than health violation.smiling

Nexium of Canadian Health&Care Mall

Nexium (esomeprazole) is specific proton pump inhibitor of covering cell of mucin layer of stomach. It is isomeric form of omeprazole. It cumulates and transforms to an active state in the secretory ducts where suppresses a proton pomp (H+K enzyme +-ATPase), the inhibition of hydrochloric acid secretion thereby develops.

The preparation begins to work within 60 minutes after intake of 20-40 mg of an esomeprazole. Repeated intake of 20 mg of esomeprazole in 24 hours of 1 times a day is followed by decrease in the gastric secretion caused by action of pentagastrin by 90% approximately for the 5th day of intake. Order Nexium via Canadian Health and Care Mall and normalize your stomach health.

In a dose of 40 mg the gastroesophageal reflux disease is effective for treatment. It is used for treatment of ulcer defects stomach and duodenum mucous, in a combination with a suitable antibiotic allows to achieve the best effect of an eradication of Helicobacter pylori (90% of cases). As a rule, at complex treatment of stomach ulcer after the end of antibiotics reception there is no need for continuation of antisecretory monotherapy.


Clinical trials have shown that at preparation’s intake the maintenance of gastric secretin in blood increases in response to reduction of hydrochloric acid production. Increase of endocrine cells amount which develop a histamine happens due to increase in concentration of gastric secretin in blood. Increase in frequency of developing of granular cysts stomach mucous was in certain cases observed at long use of the antisecretory preparations. This phenomenon is regarded as physiologic in response to oppression of hydrochloric acid production. Cysts always are good-quality and transient (after the termination of course of treatment disappear).

Nexium is effective for prevention of peptic ulcers formation at the accompanying therapy by nonsteroid resolvents.

Nexium of Canadian Health and Care Mall is a acid – resistant preparation, use him in the form of the granules covered inside. Esomeprazole is quickly soaked up, the pill is reached in blood plasma approximately in 60-120 minutes after internal application. Bioavailability after acceptance of one dose in 40 mg – 64%, increases to 90% in case of repeated intake. In a dose of 20 mg absolute bioavailability makes respectively 50%, 68%.
Proteins of blood plasma connect 97% of active agent. At simultaneous reception of an esomeprazole and food the antisecretory effect doesn’t change, however absorption can be slowed down.

Management recommendations see here:

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Cavernosometry, Cavernosography and Other Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The man has to visit surely the doctor and pass consultation if erectile dysfunction stops being a temporary problem. Often representatives of the stronger sex are inclined to consider that problems in intimate life of the similar plan are their personal record. Nevertheless, the address to the doctor in most cases allows to cure ED successfully. If the course of treatment appointed by the doctor doesn’t render the necessary effect, then it is necessary to pass consultation again. Independent treatment or entering of amendments into the scheme of therapy appointed by the expert can worsen a state only.

To establish the correct diagnosis and to understand erection causes of infringement, the doctor will surely ask the patient questions of when and under what circumstances problems with an erection have appeared whether there are other complaints to a state of health what medicines he accepts. It is necessary to discuss psychological problems and emotional experiences which the patient had in recent time with the doctor. After been accurately examined you may command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall. You will be capable to order drugs at attractive and reasonable price.

erectile dysfunction

If the expert had had a suspicion that problems with an erection are a consequence of a problem of organic character, then to the patient carrying out laboratory blood tests is appointed. The expert can also cancel or replace those preparations which are accepted now by the patient to define their influence on an erection.

Besides, for definition of the reason of ED ultrasonic research which gives the chance to define information on a blood-groove to penis is in certain cases used. Such examination is conducted after in a penis the drugs allowing to register changes in a blood-groove are injected.

To define existence of injury of nerves, survey, and also determination of sensitivity of skin in genitals practices. Be safe and sound with medications of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

One more technique of diagnostics in this case is cavernosometry and cavernosography. To carry out such procedure, introduction of dye to penis vessels is made. Its existence allows to define violation of blood-groove accurately. All manipulations carry out under local anesthesia.

Sometimes the doctor appoints test for a night erection. For this purpose before a night dream around a penis the special tape by means of which it is possible to confirm existence of a night erection is wrapped.

Erectile dysfunction can be subdivided into three types. Primary erectile dysfunction is defined in case the man doesn’t reach an erection at all (see also How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction other than Using Viagra?). Secondary ED is diagnosed if such violations happen periodically. Selective erectile dysfunction is a state at which the person can reach an erection under one circumstances, and at others he doesn’t reach it at all.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about What Influence Erectile Function

Statistically each man puts the erectile function on the second place after financial independence according to the impotence for life comfort. The few know that erectile function besides food, ecology, a way of life and heredity, depends also on others, not privy to it and unusual factors.


Statistically from a third of men of all age complaints “quickly arrive I finish” or “a weak erection”. At the same time people with high I.Q. are exposed to failures at sexual intercourses more often. Scientists specify risk groups – workers of the sphere of high technologies face these problems more often than experts of other area of activities. Doctors note that shift of a disease towards young age is planned. The famous sexologist Rosenthal considers that it happens at experts of “sedentary” work: programmers, drivers, doctors, etc.

Lack of Preludes

Physicians of the Massachusetts Institute of Andrology have found out that insufficient preludes during occupations by love can provoke impotence. And male caress in relation to the partner matters. By results of researches not completely excited woman in a vagina allocates a neuropeptid – the substance worsening erectile function. It is capable to be absorbed through skin in blood of the partner and in process of accumulation, within several years of regular sexual intercourses without caress and kisses, and to cause erectile dysfunction. You may treat erectile dysfunction with medications of Canadian Health Care Mall and be delighted and excited to revive your sexual life.



The group of scientists of John Hopkinson’s University has established that improvement of erectile function is possible after water procedures or the use of water. They have conducted researches as a result of which it has become clear that water weakens, invigorates, takes off fatigue, and also is capable to raise a man’s erection. It is caused by the fact that it improves blood circulation and expands blood vessels. For treatment of impotence and achievement of progress upon termination of sexual intercourses experts recommend to men before occupation by love to take a shower or bath.

Store Checks

According to researches of the German scientists in ink which print on store checks toxic substance – diphenol A which is capable to cause impotence is revealed. The Berlin urologist Frank Sommer claims that chemical is capable to change balance of men’s hormones towards increase in women’s estrogen. It reduces sexual inclination and negatively influences erectile function in general. Do not be panic erectile dysfunction is curable disorder that’s why command the service of Canadian Health Care Mall to order drugs necessary for treatment.


Scientists have found out that stay on the sun not only increases the content of vitamin D, but also increases at men testosterone level in blood. One of participants of similar research has declared that men who within a year provide an organism with vitamin D enough don’t suffer from a lack of sexual desire, production of sperm and the lowered libido. According to scientists, having spent on the sun at least an hour, the man will increase the level of testosterone for 69%.

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