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How does alcohol influence potency? Let’s Find it Out with Canadian Health&Care Mall

How does alcohol influence potency? Let’s Find it Out with Canadian Health&Care Mall

thinking2Alcohol is taken by mankind for centuries. And during that time, people, of course, studied the properties of this substance. Very often certain people experienced health problems after consuming beverages containing alcohol. Mostly negative consequences manifested after high doses of alcohol. Nowadays, alcohol is a necessary participant of any kind of celebration. This drink helps relieve stress, tension. Most people are interested whether the alcohol and potency are compatible, as there are many articles that talk about the negative consequences on the “virility”. But, at the same time, other sources say that a small portion is useful and can excite a sexual desire. Today Canadian Health&Care Mall will try to consider all the arguments “for” and “against” on the topic.

The action of ethanol on the brain parts violates sex hormone production

Alcoholic products contain a certain percentage of ethanol in their composition. And it always has unpredictable effect on potency. After drinking alcohol the body is experiencing a stimulating effect. But then it disappears. As a result of ethyl influence on some parts of the brain, production of the sex hormone testosterone is disrupted, but it’s necessary for sexual arousal. Also, there is an infringement of semen and sperm formation. Alcohol disrupts the reproductive glands that entails premature ejaculation. Regular consumption of large doses of “strong” drinks has detrimental effect on the functioning of the prostate gland: it inflames and, as a result, potency decreases.

The effects of alcohol on potency depends on the amount of consumed alcohol beveragesglass of wine

Daily consumption of 100 ml. of vodka is capable to reduce the sexual abilities by 30. The effects of alcohol on potency depends on the amount of alcohol consumed beverages. If you drink large quantities on a regular basis, you may provoke changes in the psychological level, and there are tentative movements of the body in space. The organism is oversaturated with alcohol and potency is steadily reducing. Such men suffer from frequent mood swings, they are nervous, irritated, dislike the opposite sex, and they are no loner interested in sex.

Regular alcohol consumption changes the appearance of the genitals

Under the influence of alcohol there happen negative changes in the male reproductive system. Spermatozoids change their structure and become inactive. This is a direct cause of the onset of infertility. Potency completely disappears with time. The patient thinks only about the next dosage of alcohol.

Alcohol can affect the potency positively, if used in small doses

In this case, testosterone enters the blood for a short period of time. This is enough to relax mentally. Here there is an increase in sexual desire, a man feels a certain looseness.

In the 1980s, the researcher Patricia Bush proved: the greater the degree of intoxication is, the less the chances of a good sex are, and generally – sexual activity will be significantly lower. A small portion of alcohol-containing beverages increases the sexual for some time, and a person can express his thoughts easier. With each subsequent drop of alcohol, it becomes more difficult to tune into sexual intercourse, foreplay requires more and more time or is not felt at all. In case of chronic alcoholism libido is completely absent and a man has no thoughts about sex, the reproductive function is impaired.

Beer and potency

beerAccording to statistics, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. Almost any male company can not deal with issues of global significance without this beverage. Beer has been known since the days of ancient Egypt, the Sumerians used it, and also the peoples of medieval Europe. Moreover, they consumed this beverage not only for pleasure, but also for the treatment of certain diseases – such as toothache. In our time there is a sharp question: “What is the influence of beer on potency?”. the world is divided into two camps. The camp of beer followers speak about the positive impact on the “virility”, and the camp of the opponents have a reverse idea . The first and the second ones are categorical in their opinion – the first ones consume beer regularly, while the latter refused it completely.

We have to find out how the beer exactly affects the potency and whether a compromise between supporters and opponents of beer is possible. The modern rythme of life demands a complete mutual output in achieving success, so men do not always have time to maintain their health, we propose to buy the popular Viagra pills to maintain the potency on the prestigious level. Medications Viagra and Levitra help men not only to regain the “male power”, but also to save them in time. You may find these drugs (Viagra, Viagra Professional and etc.) in the Canadian Health & Care Mall – online pharmacy- at affordable price.

What components does beer contain?

The beer, especially dark one – a source of phytoestrogens. These extracts are similar to the female sex hormones in their chemical composition. If a man regularly consumes large amounts of beer (about 1.5 liters daily), his body receives “foreign” female hormones. This leads to changes at the genetic level. As a result, the body is not only oversaturated with phytoestrogens, but begins to produce them.

Testosterone (male sex hormone) is inhibited by phytoestrogen, and the level of sex drive steadily but gradually decreases. This is a negative influence of beer on potency. In addition, phytoestrogen results in a change of men’s appearance. Very often, beer drinkers get so-called “beer belly”, which is derived from fat. By the way, fat is stored in the breast: the breast increases in size and resemble the woman’s. In some cases, men may even raise the tone of voice and expand the pelvis. Scientists have conducted experiments on farm animals, the latter were fed with phytoestrogen-containing plants. Experiments have shown that the animals become infertile. One can only guess what kind of damage in this case is applied to the human body.

Can beer raise the potency?

beer3However, beer and potency can be quite compatible. The main problem lies in the fact that now there is a lot of low-quality beer. This beer leads to adverse consequences for the organism. If the beer is brewed from natural ingredients and does not contain “any chemistry”, and if you consume it in the normal amount, the injury will not happen. Quality beer contains hops, which is a repository of a large number of vitamins, minerals, essential oils. One liter of quality beer per day supplies the body with a 20% rate of vitamin B2 and 32% of vitamin B6. Contained in the drink calcium and magnesium reduce the likelihood of stones formation in the gallbladder and kidneys. Keep in mind that beer, even a high-quality, increases appetite due to starch compounds. Thus there is a danger of obesity, which can ultimately lead to the development of diabetes.

The negative influence of beer on potency

Speaking about the use of high quality beer, it is recommended to consume no more than 1 liter per day, 2-3 times a week. In this case, there will be no negative impact on potency. Special danger lurks in adolescent addiction to beer, which is several times increases the chances of erectile dysfunction at an early age (19-20 years). This happens due to the fact that the body in this age have not yet adapted to alcohol. Therefore, it is not recommended for teenagers to drink beer, even in small amounts . So we can say that the influence of beer on potency can be both negative and positive: everything depends on the quality of the drink, the amount and the consumer’s culture. Everything is up to you!