Erectile Dysfunction

Canadian Health&Care Mall about What Influence Erectile Function

Statistically each man puts the erectile function on the second place after financial independence according to the impotence for life comfort. The few know that erectile function besides food, ecology, a way of life and heredity, depends also on others, not privy to it and unusual factors.


Statistically from a third of men of all age complaints “quickly arrive I finish” or “a weak erection”. At the same time people with high I.Q. are exposed to failures at sexual intercourses more often. Scientists specify risk groups – workers of the sphere of high technologies face these problems more often than experts of other area of activities. Doctors note that shift of a disease towards young age is planned. The famous sexologist Rosenthal considers that it happens at experts of “sedentary” work: programmers, drivers, doctors, etc.

Lack of Preludes

Physicians of the Massachusetts Institute of Andrology have found out that insufficient preludes during occupations by love can provoke impotence. And male caress in relation to the partner matters. By results of researches not completely excited woman in a vagina allocates a neuropeptid – the substance worsening erectile function. It is capable to be absorbed through skin in blood of the partner and in process of accumulation, within several years of regular sexual intercourses without caress and kisses, and to cause erectile dysfunction. You may treat erectile dysfunction with medications of Canadian Health Care Mall and be delighted and excited to revive your sexual life.



The group of scientists of John Hopkinson’s University has established that improvement of erectile function is possible after water procedures or the use of water. They have conducted researches as a result of which it has become clear that water weakens, invigorates, takes off fatigue, and also is capable to raise a man’s erection. It is caused by the fact that it improves blood circulation and expands blood vessels. For treatment of impotence and achievement of progress upon termination of sexual intercourses experts recommend to men before occupation by love to take a shower or bath.

Store Checks

According to researches of the German scientists in ink which print on store checks toxic substance – diphenol A which is capable to cause impotence is revealed. The Berlin urologist Frank Sommer claims that chemical is capable to change balance of men’s hormones towards increase in women’s estrogen. It reduces sexual inclination and negatively influences erectile function in general. Do not be panic erectile dysfunction is curable disorder that’s why command the service of Canadian Health Care Mall to order drugs necessary for treatment.


Scientists have found out that stay on the sun not only increases the content of vitamin D, but also increases at men testosterone level in blood. One of participants of similar research has declared that men who within a year provide an organism with vitamin D enough don’t suffer from a lack of sexual desire, production of sperm and the lowered libido. According to scientists, having spent on the sun at least an hour, the man will increase the level of testosterone for 69%.