Erectile Dysfunction

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Cavernosometry, Cavernosography and Other Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The man has to visit surely the doctor and pass consultation if erectile dysfunction stops being a temporary problem. Often representatives of the stronger sex are inclined to consider that problems in intimate life of the similar plan are their personal record. Nevertheless, the address to the doctor in most cases allows to cure ED successfully. If the course of treatment appointed by the doctor doesn’t render the necessary effect, then it is necessary to pass consultation again. Independent treatment or entering of amendments into the scheme of therapy appointed by the expert can worsen a state only.

To establish the correct diagnosis and to understand erection causes of infringement, the doctor will surely ask the patient questions of when and under what circumstances problems with an erection have appeared whether there are other complaints to a state of health what medicines he accepts. It is necessary to discuss psychological problems and emotional experiences which the patient had in recent time with the doctor. After been accurately examined you may command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall. You will be capable to order drugs at attractive and reasonable price.

erectile dysfunction

If the expert had had a suspicion that problems with an erection are a consequence of a problem of organic character, then to the patient carrying out laboratory blood tests is appointed. The expert can also cancel or replace those preparations which are accepted now by the patient to define their influence on an erection.

Besides, for definition of the reason of ED ultrasonic research which gives the chance to define information on a blood-groove to penis is in certain cases used. Such examination is conducted after in a penis the drugs allowing to register changes in a blood-groove are injected.

To define existence of injury of nerves, survey, and also determination of sensitivity of skin in genitals practices. Be safe and sound with medications of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

One more technique of diagnostics in this case is cavernosometry and cavernosography. To carry out such procedure, introduction of dye to penis vessels is made. Its existence allows to define violation of blood-groove accurately. All manipulations carry out under local anesthesia.

Sometimes the doctor appoints test for a night erection. For this purpose before a night dream around a penis the special tape by means of which it is possible to confirm existence of a night erection is wrapped.

Erectile dysfunction can be subdivided into three types. Primary erectile dysfunction is defined in case the man doesn’t reach an erection at all (see also How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction other than Using Viagra?). Secondary ED is diagnosed if such violations happen periodically. Selective erectile dysfunction is a state at which the person can reach an erection under one circumstances, and at others he doesn’t reach it at all.