Erectile Dysfunction

Male Erectile Dysfunction in Women’s Eyes

If a man observes erectile dysfunction, then there is often discord in relationships: he does not want to talk about his problem, and she, on the contrary, attacks her lover with a huge number of questions immediately after failed sexual intercourse. A man is even more shrinks into himself, partners first stop talking about this problem, then they are silent about everyday things. As a result, this behavior can lead to disruption of relations. In order to prevent negative consequences, it is worthwhile for both partners to work on solving the problem.

Women’s Logic

erectile dysfunction in women's eyesOften young and inexperienced women do not know how to behave when man’s potency comes to naught. In the event that partner has failed at the first intimate affinity of the couple, woman may decide that the whole thing is in agitation – an unfamiliar situation, a new person, partner’s focus on a specific result and his fear of not completing the process. If such situation repeats later, woman decides that the whole thing is in her – figure, excess weight, unattractive appearance, wrong actions, etc. But for some reason she does not think about the fact that the problem can be hidden not in herself, but in her partner – in his physical or psychological state.

Cheat Sheet for Women

The trouble, as everyone knows, does not come alone. And impotence in men does not come suddenly. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, and their appearance is observed gradually. Below there are some tips that will help a woman to more competently approach detection and resolution of such sensitive issue.

Be more attentive. If a woman is attentive to her partner, she will notice small changes in his and her own life: intimate relations become more and more rare; a man ceases to be initiator of intimacy, he has many reasons for refusing a partner, etc. Attention to partner in the future will be foundation for solving such a delicate male problem.

Talk about the problem. The task of a woman is to see the problem on time and summon a man to talk. You need to do this in calm environment, so that partner has confidence. You should show him the importance of this conversation for you, draw his attention to the fact that your feelings will not die out only because of the problem with erection.

Convince partner of need for treatment. A wise woman will listen carefully to her partner, and then offer him joint solution to the problem. She will convince a man of need to visit a doctor who prescribes eretile dysfunction treatment and pills to increase potency, if necessary. We just need to trust each other more – after all, strong families are built on trust.