Headline News

Amber Waves of Grain — Sprout in New York City at Urban Wheat Field

Procurement Seminar — Highlights quality of U.S. wheat

Wheats’ Genetic Identity — Disclosing promise

September Wheat Prices

Cultivation of GMOs — Rises in Many European Countries

Wheat Flour and Testing Methods — Reference Book

EU Appropriate Levels — Selenium and chromium

Without GM Wheat — ‘People will die’

General Mills Expanding International — By EMILY FREDRIX

China Embraces Biotech Crops — Use biotechnology as a key means to address food security.

Late Night Meals — Are they bad for you?

Biotechnology Could Encroach — Upon wheat acreage

Quality and Reliability — Buyers consider U.S. wheat value

US Wheat Associates — Working for Producers

Gene Stacking — Argentina to allow biotechnology

SDSU Publication — Managing crop diseases with seed treatments

Speed Resistance — New Crop Model for Wheat Diseases

www.wheatflourbook.org — Introduction to the quality analysis of wheat and flour.