Erectile Dysfunction

Canadian Health&Care Mall Explores Influence of Smoking on Potency

Christopher Columbus, who brough a wondrous herb – tobacco to the Old World, could not even imagine what a “favor” he has made to the health of million (if not billion) people. According to statistics, every 6 seconds one person in the world dies from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes. It has a negative impact on many systems and organs. Including male sexual system. Experienced smokers may restore the potency ordering Cialis from online pharmacy Canadian Health & Care Mall.

Smoking and potency are connected by one chain, which “pulls potency on the bottom” and deprives a person of enjoying the sexual function and fertility.

How smoking affects the potency?

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Very often people ask: “How exactly does smoking affect the potency?”, as people have been long debated over this topic. Some people indicate reducing of “male power” as a result of smoking cigarettes, while others assert that “they smoke more than a dozen years and everything is OK in bed.” What can we offer as a proof for both categories – smokers and non-smokers? So, 25-30 years ago, scientists believed that the causes of impotence (insufficient erection for sexual intercourse) were all sorts of mental factors. However, as it turned out, only 15% of cases of potency disorders were associated with mental health reasons, other cases could not be explained. Then, with the development of other methods of investigation, it became clear that the potency suffers from a variety of physiological disorders to a greater extent, especially disorders of the functioning of the cardiovascular system. And then doctors paid attention to smoking and found that it is leads to a decrease in potency.

It has been scientifically proved that nicotine contained in cigarettes reduces the erection. Scientists conducted the experiments in two groups and got the following results: people who smoked 3 cigarettes within 30 minutes, experienced weakening of erection, erection of nonsmokers did not decrease. This confirmed the fact that the effect of smoking on potency is negative, it leads to a decrease in sexual desire, sooner or later. The main danger of smoking is, as already mentioned, the effects of nicotine, which constricts blood vessels. The mechanism of erection is a high-quality blood flow, and if it is insufficient, the erectile tissues of the penis will not be filled with blood and an erection will not occur.

Smoking and the reproductive function

smokeWith the help of scientific research, it was shown that the negative effect of smoking on potency is not immediate and depends on the “smoking experience” of men. On average, 53% of men aged 45-50 years old had disrupted arterial blood flow, and this is the main cause of erectile dysfunction and, therefore, potency. the confirmation of this fact is the same study, which showed that about 30% of the male population of the United States at the average age are impotent. Harmful substances containing in cigarettes get into the genitals through the blood fall. Prolonged smoking leads to a decrease in sperm count, motility and destroying of their structure. In most cases, men who are screened for infertility, are advised to quit smoking. Effects of nicotine on the body is adverse – nicotine constricts blood vessels. This substance not only reduces potency, but also causes atherosclerosis. This disease, which leads to blockage of blood vessels is the cause of heart attacks, and in this case we should in fact talk about the life danger. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide (popularly known as carbon monoxide), which impairs oxygen supply of organs. The result is fatigue and headache.

The majority of male smokers claim that they have been smoking for several years, and never experienced sex problems. What can we say? Most diseases creep up unnoticed and not immediately. Significant changes in the body of the smoker appear after 5-6 years. In addition, a person can not always compare his health status with the one that was a few years ago, when a man has not yet been smoking.

Potency after quitting

It has been proved that the potency was increased after people gave up smoking, not immediately, of course, but gradually and steadily. Significant changes in the level of potency appear after 6 months. In addition, it should be noted that smoking cessation significantly reduces the risk of developing lung cancer. In this case, you should also wait for some time for changes in the lungs. Smoking affects not only smokers themselves, but also the people around them who inhale tobacco smoke. This is so-called passive smoking. Most often, it affects children – they have a “runny” nose, ears inflammation and sinuses. So may be it is worth taking care of children’s health?

We can conclude that smoking and potency are two incompatible things, a cigarette sooner or later leadto a weakening or complete absense of potency. The overwhelming majority of people want to quit smoking, but unfortunately not all can fiight this addiction. And people know what a harm smoking makes, including harm to potency. Well, the important thing is to realize real harm of cigarettes in time, when there is time to correct mistakes. After all, potency and health of the loved one are probably more important than health violation.smiling