Erectile Dysfunction

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Male Potency and Diabetes

Many people, having learnt about their diabetes, are afraid that this will end their sex life, as they believe that there is a direct link between impotence and diabetes. However, this is not quite true. The fact of diabetes itself does not affect potency, but health condition at diabetes does, as well as how you control blood glucose and so on.

How a man differs from an animal? With the fact that people are educable, able to analyze the situation, make conclusions and change their behavior. However, sometimes some people are not much different from animals, because instead of objective judgment, «If something does not work, you need to change something and try something else», they take this view: «If something does not work, it means I won’t do anything at all», and give up in despair. As famous Munchausen said: «There are no desperate situations!»

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

In this long introduction Canadian Health&Care Mall wants to convince you, dear men, that not always everything is lost and you need to find a way out and not give up. In addition, very often there is psychological fear of the so-called set-up-to-fail syndrome, which can be overcome with the help of specialist. By the way, diabetes has almost no effect on testosterone level, if there is no other pathology, reducing it. Therefore, men with diabetes always have a potential corresponding to their age. So what’s the problem?

Impotence Causes at Patients with Diabetes

Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists claim that impotence causes at diabetes lie in the following:

  • small genitals vessels lesion (microangiopathy), which makes full erection difficult, even if libido is maintained;
  • atherosclerotic lesion of larger arteries of lower extremities and pelvis;
  • reduction of genitals and perineum sensitivity (neuropathy);
  • hormonal imbalance in brain, responsible for orgasm, especially pronounced at frequent hypoglycemia;
  • psychological reasons (neurosis, depression);
  • some medications that can impair potency.

Although risks of impotence, or scientifically – erectile dysfunction, at diabetes are high, Canadian Health and Care Mall experts say, that many men may remain quite potent, also now there are such methods of treatment that restore even severe forms of sexual dysfunction.

Any erectile dysfunction treatment starts with causes determination. As soon as you notice first erectile dysfunction symptoms, it is necessary to find out whether there is purely psychological reasons or, simply put, a man himself made up and «attracts» negative situation, a doctor will ask whether there are spontaneous erections in the morning. And if they appear every morning, erectile dysfunction causes are most likely psychological.

When diabetes is only diagnosed, it is usually not a serious vascular disease or it is reversible. When changing lifestyle and normalizing sugar sexuality goes again in a healthy direction. Therefore, the very first recommendation to such a man would be to normalize blood sugar on an empty stomach and after meal. When there are already serious pathologies with impaired blood supply to large and small blood vessels, it can not do without drugs or surgery.

The same thing is with neuropathy, when blood sugar is normal, signs of sensitivity disorders at early diabetes stages disappear. If neuropathy lasts for many years, then thioctic acid drugs and B group vitamins will help to improve sensitivity.

It is necessary to avoid severe hypoglycemia occurring with coma development since such states seriously violate complex biochemical processes and hormonal balance in brain and spinal cord, which may subsequently affects ejaculation process, making it difficult or even impossible.

Problems with male potency and diabetes occur more frequently at men with 2 type diabetes, who are already in middle or elderly age. Erectile dysfucntion and diabetes type 2 are often accompanying each other (erectile dysfunction and diabetes type 1 are met together rarer), but impotence is caused not by diabetes itself, as it was mentioned earlier. Diabetes is often accompanied by other diseases, such as heart disease. For heart diseases doctors love to prescribe beta-blockers, which oppressively affect male sexual function. There is such a black humor: «If you want to castrate a man – prescribe metoprolol.»

Indeed, most beta-blockers cause problems in men’s sexual life. However, modern drugs, according to research results, do not affect potency. They include:

  • bisoprolol (Concor);
  • nebivolol (Nebilet);
  • carvedilol (Dilatrend).

Therefore, using these drugs, you can not worry about your life and potency.

Another group of medications that reduce sexual function, appointed for cardiovascular diseases, are diuretics, namely thiazide diuretics (Hydrochlorothiazide). If you were appointed to take this drug, Canadian Health&Care Mall recommends consulting your doctor to change it to safer.

Also drugs, adversely affecting potency, include neuroleptics and antidepressants. Therefore, when treating depression caused by erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to be careful, not to worsen condition. So, the main groups of drugs that should be avoided are:

  • old beta-blockers;
  • thiazide diuretics;
  • antipsychotics and antidepressants.

Methods of Impotence and Diabetes Treatment

Everything is clear with reasons, but what can you do today to start improving quality of your sex life? General steps in erectile dysfunction at diabetes treatment:

  1. Normalization of carbohydrate metabolism. Sometimes only these measures are sufficient to restore sexual function.
  2. Body weight reduction.
  3. Blood pressure lowering. Do not forget that it also has negative effect on blood vessels.
  4. Replacing drugs that cause sexual function deterioration with more safe.
  5. Normalization of lipid profile and atherosclerosis risk reduction.
  6. Consumption of natural substances, improving vascular walls function (Omega 3, Vitamin E and C, selenium, ubiquinone).
  7. Complete cessation of smoking and rare consumption of alcohol and beer (preferably red wine).
  8. Regular fitness or bodybuilding trainings. Exercises for erectile dysfunction to strengthen and develop pelvic diaphragm muscles.
  9. In addition, there are plenty of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, that may be very helpful as additional mesures to main therapy.

It is necessary to be diagnosed and treated by psychotherapist. Do not think that because you’re not insane, you have nothing to do there. Seeking professional help is not weakness. Recognition of your problems and desire to get rid of them is spiritual strength.

recommendations on how to treat ED

There are many various types of erectile dysfunction cures, depending on disease severity. If your doctor has diagnosed severe erectile dysfunction, without drugs it will be difficult to handle. But again, do not think that drugs will do everything for you. Even on medications you must observe the same treatment principles, as described above. Your problem is complex and it should be treated in complex. Currently there are two groups of drugs:

  • general strengthening natural drugs (Yohimbine, Tongkat Ali, Golden Horse and others);
  • phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE-5) drugs: sildanafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra).

Testosterone preparations are appointed at diagnosed hypogonadism, at which there is a significant decrease in testosterone level. In much severe cases drugs are injected directly into penis or surgical treatment is carried out.

And finally. Canadian Health&Care Mall experts believe that regular sex is the best prevention and treatment of male potency issues. Regular load on genitals counteracts negative diabetes effects, thus there is natural vascular exercise, which slows sclerosing.