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Nexium (esomeprazole) is specific proton pump inhibitor of covering cell of mucin layer of stomach. It is isomeric form of omeprazole. It cumulates and transforms to an active state in the secretory ducts where suppresses a proton pomp (H+K enzyme +-ATPase), the inhibition of hydrochloric acid secretion thereby develops.

The preparation begins to work within 60 minutes after intake of 20-40 mg of an esomeprazole. Repeated intake of 20 mg of esomeprazole in 24 hours of 1 times a day is followed by decrease in the gastric secretion caused by action of pentagastrin by 90% approximately for the 5th day of intake. Order Nexium via Canadian Health and Care Mall and normalize your stomach health.

In a dose of 40 mg the gastroesophageal reflux disease is effective for treatment. It is used for treatment of ulcer defects stomach and duodenum mucous, in a combination with a suitable antibiotic allows to achieve the best effect of an eradication of Helicobacter pylori (90% of cases). As a rule, at complex treatment of stomach ulcer after the end of antibiotics reception there is no need for continuation of antisecretory monotherapy.


Clinical trials have shown that at preparation’s intake the maintenance of gastric secretin in blood increases in response to reduction of hydrochloric acid production. Increase of endocrine cells amount which develop a histamine happens due to increase in concentration of gastric secretin in blood. Increase in frequency of developing of granular cysts stomach mucous was in certain cases observed at long use of the antisecretory preparations. This phenomenon is regarded as physiologic in response to oppression of hydrochloric acid production. Cysts always are good-quality and transient (after the termination of course of treatment disappear).

Nexium is effective for prevention of peptic ulcers formation at the accompanying therapy by nonsteroid resolvents.

Nexium of Canadian Health and Care Mall is a acid – resistant preparation, use him in the form of the granules covered inside. Esomeprazole is quickly soaked up, the pill is reached in blood plasma approximately in 60-120 minutes after internal application. Bioavailability after acceptance of one dose in 40 mg – 64%, increases to 90% in case of repeated intake. In a dose of 20 mg absolute bioavailability makes respectively 50%, 68%.
Proteins of blood plasma connect 97% of active agent. At simultaneous reception of an esomeprazole and food the antisecretory effect doesn’t change, however absorption can be slowed down.

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